Published on Monday, March 26, 2018

RGL delivers first seamed slotted liner ever placed in a Californian oil well

Calgary, AB – March 26, 2018 - For the first time in the California oil industry’s century-plus year history, a seamed slotted liner has been placed in an oil well. RGL Reservoir Management’s California operation, Pacific Perforating Inc. (PPI), delivered the tubular-based heavy-oil filtration device to Sentinel Peak Resources. It was placed into a well in the South Belridge field in early March. 

“This is a day the PPI and RGL teams have worked hard to achieve,” said sales director Roger Miller. 

Miller said the recent commitment to the seamed liner is testimony to RGL’s philosophy of providing customers with superior technology and research. 

“This sale is a direct result of the work Mahdi Mahmoudi, Vahidoddin Fattahpour, and Brent Fermaniuk accomplished in the University of Alberta lab,” Miller said of the unique product. 

Since that development phase, Miller, PPI General Manager Garett Rogers, Fermaniuk, and Product Development leader Mike Claerhout have worked to share the benefits of seamed liners. Sand control is enhanced over straight slotted liners due to the self-cleaning nature of the seamed slot; the viscous oil, clays and fines can flow through the reservoir sands (pore spaces) as well as the seamed slot. This promotes self-cleaning and free and unabated flow of oil, clays and fines through the slot, while providing plugging resistance. 

Seamed slots also have lower adhesion force along the side of the slot. The constraint of the side walls being equal in width to the straight slots contributes to plugging. Once the slot is plugged, it will no longer operate efficiently, pressures increase and eventually the well will need major servicing to clean the liner, or worse (abandonment). 

“The advantage of a seamed product in an aging oilfield is that the slots tend to become finer and finer over time,” explained Rogers. “With this self-cleaning slot technology, it optimizes a well for consistent pressures, longevity, and even production. The cost of this liner is minute in comparison to having to rework a well.”

Sentinel Peak Resources had previously shown interest in seaming technology; however, it took a plugging obstruction for the company to consider implementation. A straight slotted liner was pulled out of the well last April and taken to PPI for analysis. RGL’s proLAB studied samples of sand, clay and sections of pipe to configure the optimal design for seamed slots. 

Sentinel Peak Resources is a Denver-based Quantum Energy Partners portfolio company. The company is focused on acquisition, development, and exploration of oil and gas assets in California. Sentinel Peak’s experienced team and substantial equity commitment have positioned the company to quickly and aggressively pursue acquisitions in thermal opportunities in the San Joaquin Basin of California.
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