Published on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RGL awarded contract for proPUNCH™ Sand Control Solution

Calgary, AB – November 7, 2017 - A leading developer in Canada’s heavy oil industry has awarded RGL Reservoir Management a large contract to supply proPUNCH™ sand control screens for installation on SAGD operations in the Athabasca oil sands region.

The order comes after a lengthy and detailed qualification process, including multiple international trips to visit the manufacturing facilities, to ensure the engineering, manufacturing processes, and the final product satisfied the industry-leading and high standards of RGL, as well as the rigorous requirements of the developer. This order of punch screens helps to emphasize RGL’s mission to be the sand control solutions company of choice in both conventional and heavy oil operations around the world.

“We introduced our proPUNCH™ line just about a year ago,” said Brent Fermaniuk, VP of Business Development. “And the response from the market place has been positive. We bring to the conventional and heavy oil market segments an in-depth knowledge of near wellbore physics and sand control options that directly impacts an operator’s ability to optimize production rates by maximizing sand retention.”

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