Published on Monday, September 25, 2017

RGL moves to new Flow Control and Tool Manufacturing Facility


Calgary, Alberta – September 25, 2017 – RGL is committed to investing in sand and flow control technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and staff in order to provide operators with technically advanced and cost-effective solutions to optimize production. To that extent, we are pleased to announce a new location for our Flow Control and Tool Manufacturing facility located in Leduc, Alberta.  

RGL has combined the best of its people, technology, equipment, and processes in order to optimize production in this fit-for-purpose, upgraded facility. The increased space and improved layout accommodates three critical manufacturing processes:  

  • Engineering and manufacturing of RGL’s wide range of flow control products, including both liner and tubing deployed inflow and outflow tools;  
  • Manufacturing and assembly of RGL’s slip-on wire wrap screens, an extension of our proWRAP™ Direct Wire Wrap products;  
  • Assembly of RGL’s recently launched proPUNCH™ Punch Screen utilizing API certified processes.  

According to Brent Fermaniuk, Vice President of Business Development, “RGL is proud of its history as a premier supplier of slotted liners, but we’re equally as excited by our ability to offer a broad range of sand control and flow control technologies.”  

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RGL Reservoir Management

RGL engineers and manufactures sand control and flow control products for highly challenging reservoirs. We use innovation and technology to build value for our customers by understanding their reservoirs, and providing the right solution for long-term performance.

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