Published on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RGL reaching out to global markets with proSERIES Sand Control Technologies

Mexican Petroleum Congress opens doors for advanced reservoir management and sand control options

Calgary, AB – June 21, 2017 – As a result of Mexico’s recent moves to reform its energy industry by encouraging participation from global players, respected service and supply companies like RGL Reservoir Management see increased opportunities to promote innovative completions solutions.

Alberto A. Uzcategui, a senior completion engineer on RGL’s business development team, attended the Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP) in Puebla, Mexico the week of June 7th to gauge the status of the market and asses the opportunities for RGL’s proSERIES sand and flow control solutions and electroless nickel (EN) coating capabilities.

According to Alberto, the RGL team is hoping that its history in working alongside operators in the Canadian heavy oil sector, will add value as Mexico tackles these challenging, deep water wells.
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Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP)

The CMP is Latin-America´s most important forum for scientific and technological exchange related to gas and oil exploration and production. Organized by several local associations, this annual show aims to establish and reveal visionary technologies that can be applied in the Mexican industry.

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