RGL’s powerful position in sand control has often dwarfed its experience and success in the design, manufacture and field installation of flow control devices. RGL brings to new-well and re-completion projects a history of front line know-how and an in-depth technical understanding of reservoir conditions.
Steam Diverter Pup
  • Tubing deployed and retrievable flow control device with proven sliding sleeve technology.
  • Allows for optimized steam distribution along the wellbore and can be coupled with slotted liner for sand control.
  • Used for new wells or re-completion of existing wellbores.
Steam Control Joint
  • Liner deployed port based flow control device
  • SCP port/orifice/nozzle-based system can be manufactured with optional ports/orifices/nozzles or blanks to selectively control flow rates required for well stimulation
  • Downhole manipulation of sliding sleeve using a hydraulic shifting tool for selective flow control
Production Diverter Pup
  • Tubing deployed inflow control device
  • Can be customized for flow and pressure drop requirements in terms of non-shift (NS), 2 position (2P) and 3 position (3P) sleeve options with multiple ports, orifices, or nozzles
  • Can be opened or closed in one trip via coiled tubing
Production Control Joint
  • Liner deployed Autonomous Inflow Control (AICD)
  • Independently and autonomously controls steam breakthrough
  • Smooth OD for lower installation loads
  • Can be used for both inflow and outflow in SAGD

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